Shiftinx offers customized and original Interior Design solutions that our in-house Interior Designers can implement for you. Be it your bathroom, kitchen, drawing room, office place or any indoor designs you require. We aim to become the most sought-after and best Interior Designers in Bangalore and other major cities with a myriad of unique designs to blend right into your home or workplace. Interior Designers in Bangalore – Shiftinx | Best Interior Designers ​ Shiftinx possesses a team of professional and varied Interior Designers from a number of different backgrounds. All of our Interior Designers in Bangalore have a unique mindset when they come across a project, this gives us the diversity we require to provide different design templates along with the ability to provide an array of solutions each time for each place. Concept development is the initial phase of interaction with our clients, that is when we stress on the fact that the interiors have to look aesthetically appealing along with assured daily problem free functionality. Each of our clients have their individual requirements when it comes to Interior Designing; for a home you need a homely design which sets a happy atmosphere but for a corporate location you will need a more classy and professional mood setting design. Our experts understand your requirements and ensure that they can not only excel in making the place look fantastic but also in adding those extra finishing touches and polish that make your interiors stand out from the rest. We offer expertise in Modular Kitchen designs, Modern Bathroom designs, Bedroom designs, Custom Furniture Design, Entire Home Interior Design, Workplace Designs and our well-versed architects also provide consultation based on our client’s needs. We are a full- service agency with an aim to become the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore via reflecting our values and ethics through our completed projects. A strong technical acumen and an ability to manage, handle and create complex features enables us to work around our client’s budget, whether it is a moderate household, luxury resort rooms or an outdoor restaurant. Shiftinx aims to infuse the best of Interior designers possessing utmost quality and build up on a collaborative project where we get to know our client better. Be it any of the major cities; Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad or Bangalore, we have our innovative Interior Designers ready and hungry to execute their creative imaginations in your homes. Shiftinx would be honoured to refer to their organization as a multidisciplinary firm, specialising in both, Architecture and Interior Designing. We strive to form and create an enviable home design which goes hand in hand with our client’s expectations. In the Designing world, an Interior designer has multiple materials they can choose from and light also plays a crucial role in determining the aesthetics of the location. Shiftinx is well informed about this correlation between Light and Materials and also about how light should be shared equally in different parts of the house while using these materials as reflective surfaces.

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